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Certified, Licensed, Accredited.

We are experts in plumbing, heating and cooling. Licensed professionals ready to serve you.

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    Call Centrum Solutions and let our friendly licensed professionals serve you.  Our services include

    • Plumbing
    • Heating
    • Drain Cleaning
    • HVAC & Air Conditioning
    • Fireplace
    • Gas
    • Backflow Prevention
    • Electrical
    • Building Maintenance
    • Camera Scope & Line Locator
    • Sump Pit & Catch Basin Cleaning
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Building & Strata Management Services

  • Reviews

    “We have lived in our house for five years and continuously have had problems with the heating system. It is a heat pump/electric furnace system which worked perfectly for cooling but hardly at all for heating in the cold weather. Several people had looked at the system over the years but could never fix it. I saw the Centrum Solutions name in the Better Business Bureau and gave them a call. They came in and spent several hours on the system and it now works very well. The service agent was friendly and spent time explaining what he was doing. Also for the effort found the cost reasonable.”
    Ted Bassett

Did you know?

Your friendly plumbers and HVAC specialists successfully perform over 1500 installations and repairs every single year. Thousands of satisfied families and businesses have trusted the lads at Centrum Solutions to install and fix systems in their houses, condos, apartments, townhomes and commercial spaces in Vancouver.

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