• find local plumber

    Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Plumber

    If you have a plumbing emergency, the last thing you want to do is hire a plumber that may not be up to the job. Ideally, you should already know how to contact a professional plumber before pipes burst, you have a gas leak or your furnace packs in. In this guide, you will learn […]

  • flooding in home

    How to Prevent Flooding in the Home

    Flooding in the home can do irreparable damage to your personal items and cause structural problems in the future. Fortunately, most floods from inside the home can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions. Just something as simple as being in the habit of promptly fixing leaking pipes can save you returning home to […]

  • prevent bathroom mold

    4 Ways to Prevent Bathroom Mold

    It can be a challenge to preventing bathroom mold. The environment in your bathroom is perfect for mold to grow. The combination of heat, water, steam, dampness, and the dark can cause black patches to appear between tiles and around bath edging. It is always easier to prevent mold from forming than to eliminate mold […]

  • choose best faucet

    How to Choose the Best Faucet

    Choosing the best faucet for your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room may not be as easy as it seems. There is a wide range of styles, finishes, and prices to choose from. When choosing a faucet, you should remember that you will probably have your faucet for as long as you are in your home. […]

  • save home upkeep costs

    How to Reduce Your Home Upkeep Costs

    Looking after your home or apartment takes a big chunk of your hard-earned money. So, it’s only logical to look for ways to reduce your home upkeep costs. However, it may not be immediately obvious where you can make savings on your monthly bills. A large proportion of your utility bills goes on gas and […]

  • save money on heating bills

    How Can You Save Money on Heating Bills?

    Saving money on your heating bills is actually fairly easy and it will give you a few extra dollars to spend. There are many practical ways to reduce the cost of heating your home during winter. In fact, it doesn’t take a lot or involve a large investment to save some energy and cut the […]

  • freezing pipes in wintertime

    How to Stop Pipes Freezing in Winter

    Now that winter is here, many homeowners are at risk of their pipes freezing. Burst pipes can happen suddenly and cause a lot of damage to your home that can be expensive to repair. Obviously, it is much cheaper to take measures to prevent pipes freezing than to call out a plumber for an emergency. […]

  • annual heating inspection

    The Importance of Annual Inspection and Service of the Heating System

    To make sure that your home heating system works efficiently, it’s important to arrange for an annual inspection of all your heating equipment. Making sure that your furnace, vent pipes, and boiler are all working efficiently requires regular annual servicing. Unfortunately, many homeowners put off arranging an annual service until it’s too late. Very often, […]

  • bad smell from a drain

    There is A Bad Smell from the Drain – What Should You Do?

    So, you’ve noticed a bad smell coming from a drain and you are wondering what you should do about it. It can be very difficult to know exactly where the stink is coming from. It can also be frustrating if every time you go into the bathroom or the kitchen, you are faced with a […]

  • fix a leaking pipe

    Should You Fix a Leaking Pipe Yourself?

    There are many small repair jobs that can be done around the home yourself. However, when it comes to fixing a leaking pipe many people wonder if it’s essential to call a plumber or just tackle the job themselves. There are of course some small plumbing jobs that you can tackle if you have the […]

  • improve indoor air quality

    How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Regularly maintaining and servicing your air conditioning unit is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). During the summertime, we love to switch on the air conditioning to keep our homes and business premises cool and comfortable. However, it is important to make sure that all air filtering units and other […]

  • gas leak

    Do You Suspect Gas Leak? Call a Plumber

    The minute you suspect a gas leak you should immediately call a qualified plumber. A certified plumber who is fully insured and bonded will be able to safely identify the problem and carry out any necessary repairs. However, before the plumber arrives to fix the gas leak there are a number of safety precautions that […]