Centrum can take care of all your plumbing needs quickly and professionally. With a complete range of services for commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing needs, we can take care of it all. From installation and service to maintenance and repair, Centrum is available 24-hours a day for those plumbing emergencies that just can’t wait. The specialists here at Centrum are trained and certified for all situations no matter how big the job, or how small the space.

Centrum’s plumbing services:

  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Domestic water system balancing
  • Domestic booster pump installation and repair
  • Hot water tank installation and repair
  • Domestic hot water boiler system installation and repair
  • Piping repair and replacement
  • Household, commercial and industrial fixture installation and repair (tubs, sinks, faucets, toilets, urinals, etc.)
  • Sump pump repair and replacement
  • Cold and hot water pipe isolation freezing
  • Concrete high-rise residential design and assist
  • School renovations and new design
  • Industrial projects
  • Box stores
  • Office towers

Don’t forget to let Centrum Solutions take care of your maintenance needs so that those plumbing systems work efficiently for years to come!