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Indoor Air Quality

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance for your heating and cooling system is the first step to maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ). At Centrum Solutions, we provide comprehensive seasonal inspections, filter replacements and equipment cleaning—but we don’t stop there.

Our full line of IAQ services keeps residents and employees safe and healthy, reducing the particulate and allergen buildup that leads to respiratory distress. According to the EPA, indoor air contains up to seven times more pollution than outdoor air—and we spend most of our lives breathing that indoor air! Home and business owners should carefully consider the impact this has upon allergies, asthma and illness.

To safeguard indoor air quality, Centrum Solutions works with leading IAQ brands and tailors each service to your needs and budget.

Our full line of customizable IAQ services includes:

  • Air purifiers designed to remove unhealthy contaminants from indoor air.
  • Electronic air cleaners that target unwanted particulates using a magnetic charge.
  • Ultraviolet lamps that eradicate mold and bacteria inside ducts and along equipment coils.
  • Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers that restore proper moisture levels for optimized health and wood floor/furniture longevity.
  • Duct cleaning provided by our insulation and duct cleaning partners. This service helps to mitigate indoor contaminants, smoke remnants and pet dander.

To speak with a Centrum Solutions team member about restoring the quality of your indoor environment, call our office at (604) 338-7006(604) 338-7006 or, 604.492.3476 today. You may also email our team to request a no-obligation IAQ consultation.

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