Is your gas fireplace broken? We can fix it! Loose or dirty wires or improperly spliced connections also affect the operation of the appliance. Gaskets wear out and can allow poisonous carbon monoxide enter your home so an annual inspection & cleaning of your gas fireplace is recommended to prevent these problems. Centrum Solutions has numerous certified gas technicians on hand to take care of your gas appliance concerns.

We are a full service fireplace company.

We install, service and repair:

  • Gas, electric and wood fireplaces
  • Wood and limestone mantels, marble, granite, stacked slate stone
  • Fireplace doors
  • Converting wood fireplaces to gas.

We work in new construction as well as finished homes.

Our service department maintains gas burning fireplaces installed by us as well as different models installed by others. We can service all gas fireplaces, gas inserts, gas stoves, and gas log sets.