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Natural Gas Boiler and Combination Heating & Hot Water Systems

This unit is handy when a homeowner would like to switch from any fossil fuel to 100% electricity. It receives its heat from the air and also uses electrical elements, like a conventional electric water heater. It will be located in the furnace room, which is already warm and this is beneficial for the unit’s performance.


  • Environmentally-friendly (zero emissions or footprint)
  • It can be used for both space heating & cooling and domestic hot water
  • The most efficient of all hot water systems

The Centrum Solutions Experience:

  1. We will ask you a set of questions regarding size of tank, size of mechanical room, etc. We will also need pictures of your mechanical room.
  2. We will ensure there is enough clearance in room for a new water heater to ensure a safe installation. Newer water heater can be bigger due to added insulation.
  3. We will disconnect the water pipes, and electrical wires as needed. We will then drain the heater completely of all water, and ensure it is empty. Depending on the existing hot water tank, gas pipes may need to be decommissioned as well.
  4. We remove old tank and clean / vacuum the mechanical room.
  5. We will modify the water pipes and upgrade the electrical cable, and then install the new system.
  6. We will commission the new water heater and provide you with maintenance tips and how to operate the equipment. We warranty our work for 1 year on the labor of the newly installed tank.
  7. We’d love to ask for your feedback on our services to ensure you are completely satisfied. And if not… let us know, and we’ll come back to make it right!

***NOTE: Large rebate available for this option $1,000 to $4,300 – View here!

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