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Have New Garage Door Installed and Solve Your Problems

Posted on: January 11, 2016

An old garage door takes away the look of your beautiful home. Think about replacing it immediately with a new garage door. Before replacing your garage door, you may want to clean the garage so that when you get your new door installed, everything will be neat and clean.

In order to stay hassle free, you should hire a garage door installation company. They can provide a good quality door. If you tell them what your requirements are, they can advise what is best for your particular situation. They will give you certain options to fit your budget and what type of door is best for your garage.

The different types of garage doors vary according to price, levels of noise and security.

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You can choose a chain driven opener as they are the least expensive and most commonly used. There is also a screw-driven model, which is not very expensive, but makes little noise. There is also a belt driven garage door opener, which makes no noise and is a little more expensive. There is also a torsion type, which is absolutely silent.

There are accessories available to place on your garage door, like a bell, if you are worried about security. One can get a single button door opener; just one push and the door opens. There are complex panels with several options to open the door. This panel can have a backlit panel, or the mechanism can have at least one light that stays on for a few minutes when the garage door is opened for safety reasons.

Getting an overhead motor installed would make things easier as they can open a heavier or lighter weight door as well. The garage door opener should have a battery back-up in case there is an electricity outage. You can also get a wireless keypad installed.

I’ll say that I actually got the thought for this post talking with Dustin over at Green guard. Many thanks for that. Guess you get inspiration in unexpected ways.

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