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Why Gas Boiler Maintenance Can Reduce Your Bills

Posted on: May 17, 2016

Now that the warmer weather is here, it is the perfect time to organize your gas boiler maintenance. Having you boiler properly maintained is the best way to make sure that it runs efficiently and it also gives you enough time to have it repaired before the next heating season.

Spring and summer time is also the best time to arrange your gas boiler maintenance because usually plumbers have more time.

Why Gas Boiler Maintenance is Essential

One of the main reason to have your gas boiler maintained regularly is to keep it working efficiently. During the heating season, many pollutants like soot and scale can build up and reduce efficiency. In fact, depending on the type of fuel you use, the efficiency can be reduced up to one-third if your boiler isn’t properly maintained.

During the gas boiler maintenance, your plumber will also check all the components of the system and clean these as necessary. He will carry out the following maintenance:

  • Check that all valves, pumps and shutoffs are working properly and will clean as necessary
  • Test electronic sensors and connectors to make sure they operate properly
  • Check and clean all ducts for leaks and cracks

In addition to these maintenance jobs, you should make sure and arrange for your chimney to be checked and cleaned regularly.

Gas Boiler Maintenance to Reduce Bills

Having your boiler maintained regularly is the best way to reduce your heating bills and make sure that your boiler lasts a lifetime.

By regularly maintaining your boiler you will also avoid costly repairs if the boiler breaks down.

If you have an old boiler, then you should also think about replacing with a new, energy efficient boiler to reduce your bills. New boilers are designed to work much more efficiently than older boilers, even if these have been kept in good working order.

When having your organizing your gas boiler maintenance, always make sure and arrange with a local professional plumbing company who are fully licensed and insured to carry out work on gas appliances.

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