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How Can You Save Money on Heating Bills?

Posted on: January 20, 2017

Saving money on your heating bills is actually fairly easy and it will give you a few extra dollars to spend. There are many practical ways to reduce the cost of heating your home during winter. In fact, it doesn’t take a lot or involve a large investment to save some energy and cut the cost of your heating bills.

Let’s see how you can significantly reduce the amount of energy you use and stay warm in your home at the same time.

Top Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

Here are the best and cheapest ways to knock a few dollars of your heating bills this winter.

Adjust the thermostat at night

We’re usually tucked up at night in a warm bed. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 45% of your utility bills is for heating. By reducing your thermostat at night by 10 to 15 degrees you can save up to 10% on your heating bills. You could also invest in new warmer bedding to allow you to sleep comfortably in a cooler home.

Use warm accessories

One way to reduce your heating bills and save some money is to use warm accessories. So, instead of turning up the heating, put on a warm sweater and socks. You can also make sure that you have good insulated curtains and rugs on the floor.

Use natural sunlight

During sunny winter days, make sure that your curtains are fully open to maximize solar heating. If you have a south-facing side to your home or apartment, you may be surprised at how much the sun can heat up your rooms. You can then turn down the heating to save a bit of money.

Use you ceiling fan

Ceiling fans aren’t just for cooling down stuffy rooms in the summertime. They actually increase airflow around your home and push warm air back down to the room. So, put keep your ceiling fan on a low setting and let the warm air heat up your room.

Be careful of extractor fans

Extractor fans don’t just remove unpleasant smells from bathrooms and kitchens, they also suck out warm air. This costs you extra money to heat up your home.

Clean filters regularly

Make sure that you regularly clean your furnace filters to make it run more efficiently. This can have a dramatic effect on reducing your heating bills and make it cheaper to heat your home. You should check the filters once a month and have a qualified plumber check the furnace over at least once a year.

Insulate you home properly

Make sure that you have adequate insulation in your home. Your attic space should be well-insulated to stop warm air escaping out the roof. Also, make sure that all pipes are properly insulated to keep the heat in and reduce your energy costs of heating water.

You local plumber can also advise on the most efficient heating systems for your home to save you even more money.

Of course, elderly people should always make sure that their home is warm enough to prevent any health complications and hypothermia.

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