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In Business Since 1999

Centrum Solutoins has been recognized for it's dedication to customer satisfaction

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In Business Since 1999

Centrum Solutions has been recognized for its dedication to customer satisfaction and using quality as its signature and a proud member of:

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Providing Services For 90,000 Customers!

Our clients will receive unmatched craftsmanship, and best-in-class service

Since 1999, Amir has held several contract positions as an engineer in the fields of optical network design, hardware validation engineering, and automation test engineering.

With an engineering degree in his hands and the life-long duty of being a father, an entrepreneur was born. Amir, a man from humble beginnings and a first-time real estate buyer, recognized the challenges homeowners face.

He found passion in real estate and working with people. Amir started his entrepreneurial journey and received his designation for inspection of residential and commercial properties from BCIT.
Centrum Solutions provides cost-effective solutions and has been installing, repairing, and maintaining commercial and residential buildings all over the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. All services are performed by licensed and qualified technicians.
Trusted 97% Satisfaction
We understand that we must lead by example are committed to further improving health & safety.
The Best Team In HVAC
Our team of more than 6000 employees carry out all essential operations to support economy. collection.
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