Listellos are ceramic borders

Listellos are ceramic borders that are usually patterned and arranged in long strips along the walls. If you're worried that your current tile design is too bland, then you'll find listellos to be great for breaking up the monotony while tying the room together. If you like the way they look, then you might try placing a few listellos in the spaces between stairs.

  • Tile backsplash

If you're looking for another wonderful way to add style to your kitchen, then you should consider installing a backsplash above your stove. A good backsplash can give your kitchen a focal point upon which your guests' eyes may rest before being carried away again by matching listellos. If you choose, then you can use the backsplash as an excuse to get creative with an elaborate design.

  • Mosaics

If solid color tiles aren't your style, then you can always go for a unique mosaic design. When you get turtle bay, weaves, and interlocking circles, the accents are actually built into the tile, creating a wonderful effect. However, when dealing with mosaic tiles, you need to make sure that the design isn't overly complicated and that it doesn't clash with any other patterns in your bathroom or kitchen.

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