Recipe: Baked eggs

While your oven is heating, spray 6 of the muffin spots evenly, making sure to get all the sides to make it easier to get the eggs out. Once coated you can start the bacon.

Cook the bacon how you like it. If you like it extra crispy, go for it! If you're like me and want to have some flavor, don't let it get that crispy! Whatever you want! Once you've got it done chop it into small bits. These will be used as sprinkles later on.

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Your oven should be just about heated up by now. With the eggs you've broken into the muffin tin, now it's time to sprinkle the goodies on. Take the grated cheese and the bits of bacon and sprinkle them on top. The book says to do it after the eggs have cooked, but I found it works just as well if I do it beforehand.

Once you have the sprinkled with goodies to your heart's content put them in the oven. set a timer for 6 minutes, when the timer goes off turn the tray around and put them in for another 6 minutes. When they're finished the white should be cooked through and the yolk should be mostly cooked through, it'll set itself completely as it cools down.

Take a butter knife and go around the edges and pop them out. Get yourself some paper foil, cut them to size and fold them up!

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