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The Centrum Story

Amir Ali was a teenager during the Iranian revolution in the 1970’s. Due to political turmoil, Amir was not given the opportunity to attend high school. Amir spent his teenage years as a young apprentice learning design and illustration of electrical wiring and distribution from the ground up.

Mr. Ali was quickly recognized for his integrity and hard work ethic. Along with his charisma Amir secured a position in the electrical department for the government of Kurdistan. Amir was trusted to design and install high voltage reducer transformers. Amir held this position until he immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1988.

Amir Ali - VancouverMarried with a young family in a new country Amir worked in various positions in home improvement. Now living in Canada Amir took advantage of the educational opportunities in the new country. He earned an 89% average making him eligible for the electrical engineering program that he graduated from at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. During his university years Amir took a year off and interned at Northern Telecom as the Software Designer and Designer. After graduation Amir moved his family to Vancouver, British Columbia.

1999 Amir held several contract positions as an engineer in the fields of optical network design, hardware validation engineer and automation test engineer. When the technology bubble lost its last bit of air Amir choose to build a legacy for his family.

With an engineering degree in his hands and the life long career of being a father an entrepreneur was born. Amir Ali, a man from humble beginnings and a first time real estate buyer recognized the challenges homeowners face. Mr. Ali found passion in real estate and working with the people. Amir starting the entrepreneurial journey and received his designation for inspection of residential and commercial properties form BCIT.

He has been conducted hundreds of inspections for homebuyers, new construction, and real estate agents since 2003.

By 2010 Amir was providing his clients with multiple home solutions. Mr. Ali added a class-B certification as a commercial and residential gas fitter from Pacific Vocational College to his wall of education…the advantages of accessible education.

Turning his vocation into a legacy for his children Mr. Amir Ali founded Centrum Home Solutions based on his own residential needs for trustworthy and honest trades professionals with reasonable prices. Centrum Home Solutions is Amir’s baby. The company provides everything from heating, cooling, plumbing, fireplaces and electrical systems for homeowners, strata management companies, new construction, commercial properties. At the heart of the company is safety and efficiency utilizing education and experience.

Providing cost effective solutions by maintaining low operational costs. The company has been installing, repairing and maintaining commercial and residential buildings. Amir loves working with his clients and is an engineer that gets his hands dirty to ensure the best job guaranteed.